September 2018

Dear Families,

Greetings from grade 2! Your children have been working hard to learn the new routines, procedures and expectations of second grade these first two months. We have all been busy building our classroom community of learners, where we help one another, accept that mistakes can be a great way to learn, and practice kindness and caring ~ for ourselves and others. We will continue to reinforce the 7 Habits of Happy, Healthy kids all year long as we strive to bring out the leader in each student. At home you can reinforce Habit 1: Be Proactive. A leader is someone who makes good choices for him or herself and tries to always do the right thing, even when nobody's watching. Point out and praise when you child does this. if they make a poor choice try asking, "What would a proactive leader do in that case?" Encourage them to fix the mistake and try it that way next time.

Reading Block has started, and your child is expected to read something and record that reading at school four days a week. You and your children are encouraged to read together every night, but no recorded homework will be required over weekends.

In Math class we have been working on memorizing addition facts to 10, telling time to the hour and half hour, counting and trading coins to 50 cents, story problems about 10s and 1s, adding strings of numbers by looking for known facts, and explaining our math thinking. Children are encouraged to show their work and explain how they arrived at an answer whether it was correct or not.

During Theme and Project time we began with a honeybee unit and then moved to a seed dispersal unit. The children have learned some interesting facts about how important bees are to us, and recorded observations in science notebooks. We learned some interesting ways seeds move...and why! We did a cool experiment with seed flyers each child made, and took a seed walk to collect and then sort various types of seeds. Our field trip to the Retreat Farm in Brattleboro in October will include a Plant Magic Workshop about seed dispersal! Next, we will begin a social studies unit on the history of Pilgrims and Native Americans.

We sincerely appreciate all that you do to help us guide your child on his/her educational journey. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. Your support with daily reading, healthy activities outside of school, and preparation for each school day are essential. It was a pleasure to meet with you at conferences. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have as the school year progresses.

Mrs. O and Mrs. Verespy