Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trip to New England Aquarium in Boston, MA

Our class went to the Boston Aquarium on Friday, May 25th.
We saw sharks,eels,octopi,pufferfish,seals,tiger sharks
and an anaconda.I named a baby pufferfish Puffer.
He was my favorite.And there was a huge sea turtle
named Myrtle.
On Friday all second graders went to a beautiful
aquarium in Boston. First, me and my partner went to see
sea lions and seals. They all had really cute faces!!!
Then we went to see a 300 pound turtle named Myrtle.
Next, we went to touch stingrays and sharks the stingrays were
On May 25 2018 the second graders went to the
New England Aquarium in Boston. We all had fun.
We saw Sharks,Eels,Octopi,Giant Snakes,clownfish,
puffer fish,stingrays,Turtles and Lobsters. Me and my group
ate lunch together. It was super fun. I even touched a seastar.
It was slimy.

The two second grades went to the aquarium in Boston.It was so much fun.These are my friends. They are standing in front of a fish tank.There were stingrays,sharks, mantarays and lots of other cool underwater creatures.

One day we went to a magnificent place: the Boston Aquarium! I bet every second grader
had a wonderful time. We saw stingrays,sharks,eels and a 300 pound turtle. Before we left we
had money to go to the gift shop. It was so fun there. One of these students bought a stuffed penguin
and the other got a pair of shark slippers!

We went  to the Boston aquarium. We got to touch stingrays and manta rays. They also taught us
the correct  way to touch them. Me and my friend got to lucky and got to touch a shark!
The stingrays and manta rays felt slimy. The shark felt rough like a rhinoceros.
We all got to eat outside by the harbor. After we went to the gift shop!!!!!!!
Me and my friend are petting stingrays in the touchtank. They felt weird.  

This is when we went to the Boston Aquarium.There was stingrays and a baby shark! Before they bring the stingrays and sharks into the Aquarium they need to check and train them, so the sharks don’t bite people and the stingrays don’t sting people!This is so people stay safe! They also told us to only pet the back of the stingrays and sharks so we would not get hurt, and neither would the animals! The stingrays felt slimy and the shark felt like sandpaper.I hope you go to the New England Aquarium.