Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Learning about Mexico

The second grade finished our Mexican unit on
Friday 13 2018.
We learned lots of interesting facts like the holidays they celebrate
Such as Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo.
We had a celebration when we finished our unit on Mexico.

We got to hit a pinata. We each got one bag of candy and a mini maraca out of it.

We are learning about Mexico. We celebrated it by by doing a special dance called the Mexican Hat
Dance. We learned the food they eat, and the songs they sing. After we went outside and hit a Mexican
pinata! We all got a bag of candy and a little maracas!  It was fun! We also made a travel brochures,
using our research about Mexico. Each kid got a part to work on. We worked in small groups
and each person got their own little brochure. It was really fun!

On Friday the 13th, the second graders did the Mexican Hat Dance. It took a lot of energy. I
was out of breath. We had a good dance. After  the dance we played on maracas.Then we
hit a piñata outside. We all got candy and everyone had a lot of fun. After we went to our specials.
It was a fun way to celebrate all our learning about Mexico.

On April`13th we were celebrating our Mexico unit

And got to HIT A PINATA! It was so fun, but it
was really hard to destroy it because we hit with
a foam bat. Isn’t that SILLY? SO Ms.Jen  asked
Mr.Lawry for a different bat and then it broke open and
we all got a bag of candy and a little maraca!
At School the second grade is studying things about Mexico.We learned
How to do the Mexican Hat Dance on April 13, 2018. We were all in
Mrs. Verespy’s classroom.  
The two second grades studied Mexico, so afterward we had a party.We danced the Mexican hat dance.
We hit a piñata! We each got a bag of candy and mini maraca.
The second grade is having a Mexico party to celebrate the research we did.
It was April,13,2018 at school.

For our last day of learning about Mexico we had a party. It was really fun. After that we hit a  pinata filled with little bags full of candy. Before we hit the piñata we danced the dance was called  The HAT DANCE and we got to shake maracas! It was fun!
 We were studying Mexico. This is our last day studying Mexico. We worked hard on making our brochures so we get to celebrate by hitting a pinata and doing the Mexican Hat Dance. The second grade all learned the Mexican Hat Dance, just like the people in Mexico do.

We took a picture with masks we made when we learned about Day of the Dead.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Springtime art and poetry

In April the second graders learned about the Cherry Blossom trees in Washington DC.They were a gift
from the people of Japan many years ago, and bloom each year in the spring.We painted them using
the bottoms of plastic bottles, and each wrote a Haiku about them.