Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Swimming fun at the Edgar May!

On March  9th,16th,23rd and 30th the second graders went to
Edgar May health and recreation center for swimming lessons
and free swim. On the way back to school we had snack. When
we got to school we packed to go home.
The second graders went to the Edgar May to go to our swim lessons and
and to free swim.It was a lot of fun.

The two second grades get to go to the Edgar May pool. We go for four weeks.
Me and my friend are having fun.We always get an hour and a half of free swim time.
We also get swimming lessons for a half hour each week.  
In March,  the second graders went  to the Edgar May Pool. It was really  fun
They even had a  basketball hoop in the pool.We also got to jump in the
pool.  There was a kiddy pool and a big pool. There  were lessons too.
The second grade went swimming in March 2018.
We actually we were there for swimming lessons, and we also got free time before our lessons.
We would play “Shark attack”or just a tag game. We had lots fun in the shallow or deep end.
This is when we went to the Edgar May swimming pool. We got lessons for how to be a good swimmer.
I was nervous but I now I am a good swimmer. There was a shallow pool and a deep pool. The shallow
pool was for ok swimmers .And the deep pool was for advanced swimmers. I went into both pools
because I’m a good swimmer.It was a great time to learn a lot of things about swimming.
The 2nd grade went swimming at the Edgar May on

Fridays in March. We went there by bus.