Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Poetry Unit Celebration

The second Graders went to to the Flat Iron Cafe to read their poems because   
we just finished a poetry unit. We had a lot of fun!

The second grade class finished our poetry unit.
We went to the Flat Iron Exchange Cafe to read  
our poems on their stage. Some poems were about
friends, sad things, pets, a mask poem, seasons or funny things.

This is when we went to the flatiron coffee shop to do poetry reading
Parents where allowed to come and come to watch their kids
After we were done we got a special treat: A cookie! I was scared for a minute
about reading in public, but I got over it. All my friends did a great job.
I had a blast with all my friends at the coffee shop. It was a great time to try something new!

The second graders were reading  poems at the Flat Iron
coffee place.After every student got to read their poems,
we got to have SUGAR COOKIES with  sprinkles!!!!
Then we went back to school to do something there.
On March 15th the second grade classes went to the Flat Iron
coffee shop for poetry reading. I was very nervous in front of
so many people. After poetry we had cookies!!!
The 2nd grade did a poetry reading at the Flat Iron cafe to share our
Poems. It was a cold day on March 15, 2018 and we walked to get there.  
Even our Principal went to it, and he was amazed!   

Second grade went to the Flat Iron Cafe to read our poems. There were mask poems, acrostics
and poems about friends. At the end we got cookies! It was really fun. Our parents could come.
The two second grades went to the Flat Iron exchange.This is me.
I am reading about blue jays.After we read the poems we got to

eat sprinkle cookies.They were so good.
This is me. I’m reading my poem. In it I was
comparing a shell to a water slide.