Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A special event!

The Sandglass Theater came to CES on March 15. First and second grades watched community
theater in the library . We had  fun. We got to see flea circus and a funny puppet show about
a cow that steals a suitcase.

Poetry Unit Celebration

The second Graders went to to the Flat Iron Cafe to read their poems because   

we just finished a poetry unit. We had a lot of fun!

The second grade class finished our poetry unit.
We went to the Flat Iron Exchange Cafe to read  
our poems on their stage. Some poems were about
friends, sad things, pets, a mask poem, seasons or funny.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

winter math fun

We were in math and we had snowmen bodies with numbers on them.

We decorated the face, and then we had to make expressions

and equations on the snowmen to show different ways to get to our number.

Cross Grade Day 2/16

Human Snowman: We were in groups of  3.  Two partners  wrapped  
toilet paper around one  partner and then put on a scarf,buttons
and a nose.  And you had to beat  the timer!

We were learning to play a game called human snowblower,
as part of cross grade day activities. How you play is you have two teams
who have to blow through a paper towel roll and try to get a pingpong
ball in a cup. Everyone cheered for the human snowblower!
Each cup was worth a different amount of points.
The one in the middle was worth 50 points!   

The whole school went sledding.
We had a lot of fun at the VA!
It was on February 16. There was popcorn
and hot chocolate for the kids.
There was not a lot of snow, but it
was a lot of fun!  
The Central  Elementary School went sledding on Friday February 16th.
There was not so much  snow, but it didn't slow anyone down.
We were there for 2 hours.      

Second grade winter artwork

These are our birch trees. We made them with paint. The cardinals are stickers.We were in our
classrooms when we did this. The first thing we did is paint the trees and snow white and then
we got a little piece of cardboard. We dipped it in black paint and scraped it across the trees.
We made the falling snow with two brushes by tapping them together to splatter the paint.
After we wrote Haiku poems about them.

Valentines parties

This is when we had a valentine party in our classroom.
We had a buffet of good food. Parents could sign up to send food in for us.
A lot of us decided to wear red shirts, black pants and messy buns
(for people with long hair). People gave each other valentines.
It was a great day for friendship!  

Second grades go snowshoeing

On Valentine's  Day, Mrs.O’s class went to the high school.We went

snowshoeing on the trails.

The second grade went snowshoeing at the high school. There were
4 loops on the trails.Mrs. Verespy's class went past the 4th trail!

This is when we went snowshoeing at the high school.The snow shoes were heavy
and there was a big hill because we were in the woods. I got cold. I was with my
whole class. We were supposed to go around Loop 4 but we went too far,
and it took a long time to get back. We took a bus back to school. It was a fun afternoon!