Sunday, January 28, 2018

Gingerbread Men in Disguise persuasive writing and art activity

We read a gingerbread man folktale,and The Gingerbread Baby. After we read them,
we pretended to be gingerbread men writing a persuasive letter to keep the fox from nabbing us.
After the writing we made our gingerbread men’s disguises. The three in the picture are a spider,
a chameleon, and a paper.  

We are disguising our gingerbread  men on December,11th. Mine  is  the  army  man  right  next  
to  the  karate  one.  We were  in skills  group  when  this  happened.
We were writing letters  to  Mr.Fox. There’s also an old man and a wolf.

These gingerbreads are disguised as a mermaid, a bunny and George Washington. It was fun to do!

We worked very hard  on writing to So we got rewarded!! We got to make gingerbread men.
We did it in our WIN class in December. To make it you need a gingerbread cookie, frosting,
Skittles and chocolate chips.
Our second grade WIN class was decorating cookies!We made them because we worked very
hard on our gingerbread men disguises and  persuasive letters to send to Mr.Fox.