Monday, December 4, 2017

We learn from informative texts: Making Bubbles!

The 2nd graders are making bubbles in our class  and blowing the bubbles in our class and we love blowing the bubbles. We are learning to follow a procedure, so we can write our own procedures.

My friend is using  bubbles  we made in our classroom. Our  class blew a bubble that went over the school past a house and popped on a tree. THAT was awesome.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Learning about nutrition

Mrs.V's class is having a cooking experiment.A kid from Mrs.V's class was making parfaits.  

Every week for 6 weeks, Ms.Bonny from UVM comes to teach us about nutrition. She reads us a story, next we play a game, then we get to cook! Each week we learn about a different food group.This week was fruit.We cut up fruit and layered it with yogurt and crushed gram crackers. YUM!

Today is a feast! We are making yogurt parfaits. It was yummy!!! Our class learned how much fruit is good for people.

These children are cutting fruits and they are learning about healthy foods.