Friday, October 13, 2017

Kid blogs: week of Oct 10 2017

These photos were taken by second graders in Mrs.Verespy's WIN time skills block. They took the photos and typed the captions on chromebooks.

This is the beanbag chair that we read in when we are done with our work.


This is the calendar we do it in the morning .We learn about the date, count the days of school and show the day’s number with money.


This is my friend and me over in the writing area.This is where we get our supplies for writer’s workshop.

In Mrs.V’s class we are doing chromebooks.We’re learning to blog.  


I  am in  Mrs.v class. The word wall helps me learn words.


Our calendar helps us learn days of the week. I am in Mrs. V’s class. We do it every day. Mrs. O’s class does too!

I was taking a selfie with Mrs. Verespy in my class on my chromebook. She has 1 daughter that likes red. And I like yellow. We took the selfie in front of the word wall. It is blue. It is WIN time.That stands for What I Need. Next it’s lunch. Mrs. Smith helps us. The word wall says because, little, saw, when, very, after, are, there.



We are learning about  time. This clock is telling us it is five thirty.

My friend and I are taking a selfy together.I was in my classroom.We were learning to use a chromebook to blog at WIN time.It was 11:30.


We are going to lunch.  These are the lunch tickets.  They get us lunch when we give our   lunch tickets to the lunch lady.


I   am  taking  a  selfie  with my friend.  She  is wearing  a purple shirt  and   I  am   wearing  a   green   shirt.   We  are    learning    to  blog   on   computers.   We  are  in   Mrs.Verespy’s   classroom.    We    are     in    Central     Elementary     school.