Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kid blog 2 Week of Oct 23

seed  flyers   test  in   second   grade!!!!!!  
We  are  making  seed  flyers  to   see   if   the   flyer  is   going   to   land    in  the  ZONE   OF                          
DARKNES.   The  zone  of  darkness   is   the   shade  of  the   tree.  We  want   it   to  land   in                                                                     
The   sun  light   So  it   can   GROW!  This  boy  is  not   me, that  is  my  friend.    Mrs.O          

is  the   one   on  the  table. (She is pretending to be a tree!)

seed drop test
We made paper seed flyers in science. We had fun in Mrs V’s class.  She was the tree. There was a ZONE of darkness near her chair. We were experimenting to see if our seeds could land outside of it!