Friday, February 12, 2016

STEM in the classroom

 After researching simple machines on Chromebooks with Mrs. Kane, students worked in teams of 3 to design, build and test catapults.
 They answered questions, chose materials and planned how to construct their catapults together.

 Teams decided together which materials used on their catapults might send projectiles the farthest distance.
 Using 3 different projectiles (small candy hearts, large candy hearts, marshmallows) teams measured distances each one was launched and made adjustments to their catapults if needed.
 Performing multiple tests is an important part of scientific experimenting.
 Adding up the number of inches each projectile flew took careful math skills!
 The catapult that launched a conversation heart the farthest during math workshop on Friday, sent it 210 inches!
Students really seemed to have fun while using teamwork, cooperation, science, technology, engineering, math...and candy!