Sunday, April 5, 2020

Transitioning to online learning


Please have your child log into Google using their log in user name: with password sent to you in packet paperwork. 
(your child should also know password used at school)

Once on Google, student should click on the "box of boxes" or waffle, and then click on the Classroom Icon (Looks like a green chalkboard) 

Once they're at their classroom dashboard, they should click on the online learning banner for their teacher to JOIN the class. Mrs.O's is purple, Mrs.V's is blue.

We'll begin using Google Classroom the week of April 20, 2020, so this should be done sometime before then. Thank you. Get in contact with your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

paper towers

Students made paper stronger by folding it and used it to build towers.These students check to make sure the tower is at least 12 inches tall.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Growth Mindset Practice

The last week of reading block in Mrs.Verespy's room was filled with fun growth mindset challenges.
We worked as a whole class on a "Spoon & Bubble Gum" Relay Race.We discussed what worked,
and what didn't. Students made suggestions to improve our time ~ and we did improve!!
Then we unwrapped the bubble gum and all did our best to blow bubbles.
Students took pictures on their chromebooks of their best bubbles, and wrote about how using
a Growth Mindset “Bubble Gum Brain” helped them to stick with it and do their best!
Finally, on Friday we worked on building houses of cards and solving brain teasers.
Focusing, working together and taking suggestions from others helped everyone succeed!

Here are some brain teasers for you:

1.What gets wetter as it dries?
2. What 5 letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters?
3. A cowboy rode into town on Friday, stayed only 3 days and left on Friday. How?


1. a towel
2. short
3. His horse’s name was Friday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mystery Science Videos

We have enjoyed watching Mystery Doug Videos for curious kids each Monday during snack time. The students decided to research a habitat with a partner.They read books and articles about a habitat, and the plants and animals that have special adaptations which allow them to live there. These are our own "Mystery Science" Videos.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trip to New England Aquarium in Boston, MA

Our class went to the Boston Aquarium on Friday, May 25th.
We saw sharks,eels,octopi,pufferfish,seals,tiger sharks
and an anaconda.I named a baby pufferfish Puffer.
He was my favorite.And there was a huge sea turtle
named Myrtle.
On Friday all second graders went to a beautiful
aquarium in Boston. First, me and my partner went to see
sea lions and seals. They all had really cute faces!!!
Then we went to see a 300 pound turtle named Myrtle.
Next, we went to touch stingrays and sharks the stingrays were
On May 25 2018 the second graders went to the
New England Aquarium in Boston. We all had fun.
We saw Sharks,Eels,Octopi,Giant Snakes,clownfish,
puffer fish,stingrays,Turtles and Lobsters. Me and my group
ate lunch together. It was super fun. I even touched a seastar.
It was slimy.

The two second grades went to the aquarium in Boston.It was so much fun.These are my friends. They are standing in front of a fish tank.There were stingrays,sharks, mantarays and lots of other cool underwater creatures.

One day we went to a magnificent place: the Boston Aquarium! I bet every second grader
had a wonderful time. We saw stingrays,sharks,eels and a 300 pound turtle. Before we left we
had money to go to the gift shop. It was so fun there. One of these students bought a stuffed penguin
and the other got a pair of shark slippers!

We went  to the Boston aquarium. We got to touch stingrays and manta rays. They also taught us
the correct  way to touch them. Me and my friend got to lucky and got to touch a shark!
The stingrays and manta rays felt slimy. The shark felt rough like a rhinoceros.
We all got to eat outside by the harbor. After we went to the gift shop!!!!!!!
Me and my friend are petting stingrays in the touchtank. They felt weird.  

This is when we went to the Boston Aquarium.There was stingrays and a baby shark! Before they bring the stingrays and sharks into the Aquarium they need to check and train them, so the sharks don’t bite people and the stingrays don’t sting people!This is so people stay safe! They also told us to only pet the back of the stingrays and sharks so we would not get hurt, and neither would the animals! The stingrays felt slimy and the shark felt like sandpaper.I hope you go to the New England Aquarium.  

Friday, May 4, 2018

Grafton Nature Museum Trip

 Our class went to the Grafton Nature Museum.
 We did fort building,and it was really fun.
We got in groups of four. Each group got to collect sticks
and logs. Then we put them on trees and lined them up
with other sticks, leaves and branches on top of them.

On friday  April 25th we went to the Grafton Museum! The whole second grade
did fort building with logs,sticks and leaves. We played tag and saw a pond with frogs all kinds of stuff!
There were also LIVE BEES! Upstairs there was a tunnel. there was all
kinds of fun stuff. All of second grade had a GREAT TIME!

The second grade went to the Grafton Nature Museum.It was so much fun!
We went outside to build forts and after we had lunch.Then we went inside
To play.there was a lot of things to play with.We had a lot of fun!

The 2nd grade went to the Grafton Nature Museum on April 27,2018. We learned to

build forts for shelter in the woods and we also had fun trying on the animal costumes!

This is when we went to the Grafton Nature Museum to build forts.
And other sorts of things like playing dress up,crawling in a bear cave
and finding bones in broken up pine cones. This is also were they
have the fairy festival in September. They have a wish tree and good
food there. We went into the woods to build are forts. I hope you go
to the Grafton Nature Museum.

 We went to the Grafton Museum to build forts.
After we build forts we had lunch. Then we got to
explore and play in the museum. Some people
enjoyed the animal costumes and puppets!

We went to the Grafton museum. We were building forts.
After we explored we had a picnic lunch. Then we went into
the museum to learn and play.

When we were inside the Nature Museum some
people liked the upstairs to explore the caves and fossils.  
I was in an owl costume because I like owls. It didn’t fit everyone!

On April 27,2018 the second graders went to the Grafton Nature Museum for a field trip.
We built FORTS! WE ALL HAD FUN! On my team’s fort we used big wood and little wood
and sticks and leaves.It was my idea to put leaves on sticks so the leaves would stop falling
in the fort. We had lunch outside. Everyone ate a lot. After lunch we all played snake in the grass.
A lot of the snakes were fast. We also went inside the museum. We had costumes on.
We played with puppets and little plastic spiders,ants, and baby spiders. There also were ladybugs
and salamanders, turtles and dinosaurs, scorpions and billy goats. And at the desk there was a moose.
It was a great day!

After a busy day at the Grafton Nature Museum, some people were so tired that they fell asleep on the bus!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Learning about Mexico

The second grade finished our Mexican unit on
Friday 13 2018.
We learned lots of interesting facts like the holidays they celebrate
Such as Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo.
We had a celebration when we finished our unit on Mexico.

We got to hit a pinata. We each got one bag of candy and a mini maraca out of it.

We are learning about Mexico. We celebrated it by by doing a special dance called the Mexican Hat
Dance. We learned the food they eat, and the songs they sing. After we went outside and hit a Mexican
pinata! We all got a bag of candy and a little maracas!  It was fun! We also made a travel brochures,
using our research about Mexico. Each kid got a part to work on. We worked in small groups
and each person got their own little brochure. It was really fun!

On Friday the 13th, the second graders did the Mexican Hat Dance. It took a lot of energy. I
was out of breath. We had a good dance. After  the dance we played on maracas.Then we
hit a piñata outside. We all got candy and everyone had a lot of fun. After we went to our specials.
It was a fun way to celebrate all our learning about Mexico.

On April`13th we were celebrating our Mexico unit

And got to HIT A PINATA! It was so fun, but it
was really hard to destroy it because we hit with
a foam bat. Isn’t that SILLY? SO Ms.Jen  asked
Mr.Lawry for a different bat and then it broke open and
we all got a bag of candy and a little maraca!
At School the second grade is studying things about Mexico.We learned
How to do the Mexican Hat Dance on April 13, 2018. We were all in
Mrs. Verespy’s classroom.  
The two second grades studied Mexico, so afterward we had a party.We danced the Mexican hat dance.
We hit a piñata! We each got a bag of candy and mini maraca.
The second grade is having a Mexico party to celebrate the research we did.
It was April,13,2018 at school.

For our last day of learning about Mexico we had a party. It was really fun. After that we hit a  pinata filled with little bags full of candy. Before we hit the piñata we danced the dance was called  The HAT DANCE and we got to shake maracas! It was fun!
 We were studying Mexico. This is our last day studying Mexico. We worked hard on making our brochures so we get to celebrate by hitting a pinata and doing the Mexican Hat Dance. The second grade all learned the Mexican Hat Dance, just like the people in Mexico do.

We took a picture with masks we made when we learned about Day of the Dead.