Sunday, January 28, 2018

Gingerbread Men in Disguise persuasive writing and art activity

We read a gingerbread man folktale,and The Gingerbread Baby. After we read them,
we pretended to be gingerbread men writing a persuasive letter to keep the fox from nabbing us.
After the writing we made our gingerbread men’s disguises. The three in the picture are a spider,
a chameleon, and a paper.  

We are disguising our gingerbread  men on December,11th. Mine  is  the  army  man  right  next  
to  the  karate  one.  We were  in skills  group  when  this  happened.
We were writing letters  to  Mr.Fox. There’s also an old man and a wolf.

These gingerbreads are disguised as a mermaid, a bunny and George Washington. It was fun to do!

We worked very hard  on writing to So we got rewarded!! We got to make gingerbread men.
We did it in our WIN class in December. To make it you need a gingerbread cookie, frosting,
Skittles and chocolate chips.
Our second grade WIN class was decorating cookies!We made them because we worked very
hard on our gingerbread men disguises and  persuasive letters to send to Mr.Fox.     

Winter Trees Art

The second grade made these trees in 2017.We did these because it was the starting of winter on December 21, 2017.

We made these trees for Winter out of hearts. It was fun. We made the snowflakes with paint.

They are decorating our hallway.

Adding fun with Base Ten Blocks

I was making a math monster using base ten blocks. His name was 400. He was a 5 armed bug. The long arms are each worth ten. The three flat ones are each worth one hundred. The 10 small squares are each worth one.  300 + 90 + 10 = 400

I was in my class making math monsters. We used based ten blocks to build them.  Mine is named 300. I used a green marker to write its name. There's  2 hundreds, 9 tens and 10 ones.

Materials' properties engineering challenge

We are learning about different properties of materials in science. We did a test to find out the properties of different materials. We pretended we were stranded on a desert island and needed to keep cool in the hot sun. We could use a paper bag, paper plate, paper towel, tin foil, 2 strings and 2 clothespins to make our hats.     

The second grade is making hats out of lunch supplies. This is a picture of some second graders wearing our hats during science. We had to do a softness test and sweat-soaker test and stiffness test to that helped us make the hats.

Monday, December 4, 2017

We learn from informative texts: Making Bubbles!

The 2nd graders are making bubbles in our class  and blowing the bubbles in our class and we love blowing the bubbles. We are learning to follow a procedure, so we can write our own procedures.

My friend is using  bubbles  we made in our classroom. Our  class blew a bubble that went over the school past a house and popped on a tree. THAT was awesome.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Learning about nutrition

Mrs.V's class is having a cooking experiment.A kid from Mrs.V's class was making parfaits.  

Every week for 6 weeks, Ms.Bonny from UVM comes to teach us about nutrition. She reads us a story, next we play a game, then we get to cook! Each week we learn about a different food group.This week was fruit.We cut up fruit and layered it with yogurt and crushed gram crackers. YUM!

Today is a feast! We are making yogurt parfaits. It was yummy!!! Our class learned how much fruit is good for people.

These children are cutting fruits and they are learning about healthy foods.     

Friday, November 3, 2017

Kid Blogs: Play Room at Retreat Farm


This is the play farmstand . Kids were pretending to sell fruits and ice cream. I love ice cream.

shari at field trip
We are at Retreat Farm in the playroom. Some people got to play in this little car.


Our class went to a farm.It is in Brattleboro. The farm is called Retreat Farm. They had giant blue blocks in the playroom for us to build with!


My friends are building a house out of the big blue blocks in the Retreat Farm playroom.